How to assign a route from the jobs module?

How to assign a route from the jobs module?

Navigation:  Jobs --> Job Details --> More Actions --> Assign to Route

In our new update, we have an option to add the jobs to existing routes inside the jobs module instead of traversing to the maps module.

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the left panel and choose the job for which you want to add the existing route.

2. Under the "More Actions" from the top right corner, select the "Assign to Route" option.

3.   Select the existing "Route" for which you want to add the job.

       Route Name – The name identifies the route.

       Assigned To – The name of the assigned employees.' 

    Select the "Assign to Route" button.

4. The job was added to the route successfully. The Route Details section displays the job with existing route details.

 With this new feature, businesses can easily add the job to the existing available routes.

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