How to add approval Hierarchy in contracts?

How to add approval Hierarchy in contracts?

The approval hierarchy will provide the users added into the Hierarchy to accept/ reject contract requests. 

Please follow the below instruction to add an employee to the approval Hierarchy. 

  1. Log in to Zuper with an admin account.
  2. Scroll down the menu bar on the left and select the "Settings" icon.

3. Under the "Configuration Settings" category, select "Contracts."

4. On the "Contracts" page, select "Approval Settings" and click on the "New Approval Hierarchy" button.

5. Select the employee from the "Choose an Employee" dropdown.

6. In the "Enter Hierarchy Level" field, enter the level of Hierarchy (1, 2, etc.)

7. Now click on "Add to Hierarchy."

Similarly, to remove an employee from the Hierarchy, select the respective team and click on "Delete Hierarchy" under the action column. 

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