How to Add Approval Hierarchy for Timesheets?

How to Add Approval Hierarchy for Timesheets?

Time-off approval processes involve multiple steps, where a specific time-off request has to be approved by the team leader or administrator before it can be accounted for. Therefore, an approval hierarchy will add team leaders and administrators to the Hierarchy to accept or reject time-off requests. 

Only administrators can add users to the approval hierarchy for timesheets.

  1. Select the "Settings" icon in the Menu.
  2. Under the "Configuration Settings" category, select "Timesheet Settings."

 3. On the "Timesheet Settings" page, select "Time off Request Settings.
4. To create a new hierarchy, click on the "New Hierarchy" button.

5. In the "Choose Team" drop-down, select the team to which the Hierarchy applies.
6. In the "Choose User" drop-down, select the employee that needs to be added to the Hierarchy.
7. In the Enter Hierarchy Level field, enter the level of Hierarchy (1, 2, etc.).

8. Now Click on "Save Hierarchy"
9. Similarly, to remove an employee from the Hierarchy, select the respective team, and click on "Delete Hierarchy" under the action column.

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