How to Add an Asset to a Job?

How to Add an Asset to a Job?

Jobs or work orders can be created without having an asset attached to them. If you have the Asset Module enabled in your Zuper Web-App, then you can either add an asset while creating a new job or after the job has been created.

Adding Assets to a New Job

  • Navigate to the New Job Form to create a new job.
  • Fill in all your customer information in the Customer Details section.
  • In the Job Details section, click on the "Choose Asset" field to view a list of all available assets for that specific customer. 
  • You can scroll through the Asset Information Table and pick the asset you would like to associate with this job, and click on Select Asset.

Adding Assets to an Existing Job 

  • Go to the Jobs Listing Page by selecting the 'Jobs' Module in the Menu.
  • Locate the specific job for which you would like to add an Asset.
  • Once the Job Details Page opens, click on the “More Actions” drop-down and select Add Asset.
  • You will see a Choose Asset dialog listing all the available assets associated with that specific customer.
  • Pick the asset you would like to add to the job and click on Add Asset. 

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