How to add a time-off request type ?

How to add a time-off request type ?

A time-off request can be raised by the employee or the admin based on the setting in Zuper for the employee to take time off of work. 

To create a time off request type, please follow the below instructions, 

  1. Log in to Zuper with an admin account.
  2. Scroll down the menu bar on the left and select the "Settings" icon.


 3. Under the "Configuration Settings" category, select "Timesheet Settings."

4. On the "Timesheet Settings" page, select "Time off Request Settings" and click on the "New Timeoff Request Type" button.

 5. In the "Request Type Name " field, enter the name for the request.
 6.  In the "Type" drop-down, select between Paid and Unpaid types.
 7. In the "Number of Days Allowed (In a Year)" field, enter the number of days the time-off can be used in a year.
 8. Now click on "Save Request Type."

Similarly, to remove/edit a time-off request, click on "Delete Request Type / Edit Request Type" under the action column. 
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