How to add a Tax for quote/invoice in Zuper ?

How to add a Tax for quote/invoice in Zuper ?

Once a Tax is created, it can be used in the invoices and Quotes that are generated from Zuper. 

To create a tax and add its value,

  1. Log on to your Zuper app and select the "Settings" icon.
  2. Under the "Configuration Settings" category, select "Quotes & Invoice".

     3. On the "Quotes & Invoice" page, select "Tax Settings".

           4.  Click the  "New Tax".

     5. Enter the name for the tax being created in the "TAX NAME" field.

     6. Enter the Percentage of the tax being created in the "TAX RATE" field. Click on "Save Tax" to save your settings.

Similarly, click on the "Edit"(pencil icon) next to the Tax to be edited. This will bring up the "Update Tax" window, make the required changes, and click on "Update Tax".

You can also go ahead and delete the tax.

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