How to add a signature component to the Checklist?

How to add a signature component to the Checklist?

The new “Signature component” helps enhance the Job Checklist. By adding this new component now, the user can efficiently add the Signature on the web and mobile versions. 

1. Select the “Settings” module from the left panel and tap on the “Job Checklist” under “Customer Fields & Checklist Settings.”

2. Now “Drag & Drop the signature component from the ‘Available Components’ section.” Once dropped, the user can click on the icon to give a name to it, such as “Technician Signature” or “Project Manager Signature.” and tap on the “Save Checklist” to save the checklist details.

3. While updating the Job checklist for the web version, select the required Signature under “Choose File” and tap on the “Submit” button to complete the signature process.


While updating the Checklist, tapping on the “Signature Capture” icon will prompt the user to capture the Signature on the mobile version. Finally, select the “Submit” option to complete the checklist update.

The technicians now capture the Signature clearly while updating the Checklist to complete the current Job status.

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