How to add a contract from a Job in V3 Zuper Web App?

How to add a contract from a Job in V3 Zuper Web App?

Navigation:  Jobs  --> Choose any existing job --> Right Panel --> Contract +
A new contract can be added easily to the existing Jobs. The contract details will be visible under the Job details.

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the left panel and choose the Job you want to create the Contract.

2. under “Contracts," click the “+” icon from the bottom right section to create a new contract.

3.  The contract details will be shown, and click the "Choose a Contract" button to associate the existing contract. 

4. Select the required parts and enter the quantity associated with the contracts. 

5. The contract related to the job details is associated successfully. 

With the new update, the user can easily add the Contract from the Job to avoid traversing between modules.  

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