How to access the Job listing page in V3 Zuper Web App?

How to access the Job listing page in V3 Zuper Web App?

Zuper's work order management solution helps you automate, manage, prioritize, and organize work orders, job requests, and technician schedules in one place for more efficient operations.

Navigation: Jobs -> Job Listing Page


1. Select the Jobs module from the left navigation menu. 

2. Click the "Quick Filter" dropdown & select the "Apply Quick Filter". 

Note: Manage Quick Filter helps to add the new quick filter and remove the quick filter. 

3. You can use the   search input to find the jobs using freetext keywords. 

This search, by default, looks up against work order number and job title.

Note: If you want to search for more criteria such as address, zip code, etc.,. Please reach out to our support team to enable them for your account.


4. Click the "Export" button to preview and download the Jobs Report as an Excel file. 

5. Click the "Customize" button to customize the table columns, and you can reorder the columns by drag and drop using  icon. 

6. Click the "+New Job" button to create a new job. 

7. You can create and manage recurring jobs by clicking the "Manage Recurring Jobs" button. 

8. The bottom panel enables you to customize the items per page, and You can use right and left arrows to navigate between the pages. 

9. Enter the page number in the "Goto" option to navigate the page. 

10. You can do bulk/mass action by marking a checkmark on the text box and choosing the action from the pop-up that appears at the bottom. 

Note: if you check all, on the table column, it will select all records across the pages. Hence, it is recommended to use a filter & do bulk action on a limited set of data. By default, bulk action is limited to a max of 1000 records at a time.

11. Select the field to be updated and click the "Update" button. 

12. The fields are updated successfully. 

How to add a filter and save it as a quick filter?


1. Select the filter icon to filter the job module details. 

2. Click the "+ Add Filter" button to provide the conditions. 

3. Enter the field type to choose the fieldthen select the operator and enter the field value to choose the field.

Click the "Apply Filter" button. 

Note: You can use the "+" button to add multiple filters. 

7. The filter is applied is applied successfully. 

8. Click the "Clear Filter" button to remove the filter. 

Quick Filter:

1. Select the filter icon to filter the job module details. 

2. Click the "+ Add Filter" button to provide the conditions. 

3. Enter the field type to choose the field, then select the operator and enter the field value to choose the field.

Note: You can use the "+" button to add multiple filters. 
A checkbox on the "Save Applied Filter" will help you to save the filter as "Quick Filter."

Click the "Apply Filter" button. 

4.  a. Filter Name (Mandatory) - Give a unique name for the filter.

     b. Filter Applicability (Mandatory) - This option lets you choose the users with whom you would like to share this quick filter. 
    Click the "Save Filter" button to create the quick filter. 

5. The new quick filter is created successfully. 

Jobs module is a critical part to manage all the workorder creation, view the listing page, create an one-off job, recurring jobs and perform various actions on the details page. 

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