How do you manage the customer portal settings in the Zuper Web App?

How do you manage the customer portal settings in the Zuper Web App?

Navigation: Settings --> Configuration Settings -->Customer Portal

Once the customer portal is turned on in Company policy, the users will now be enabled to configure the customer portal, including Branding, appearance, navigation, etc.,

1.  Select the “Settings” module from the left panel. Under the “Configuration Settings,” choose “Customer Portal.

From the “Branding” section, fill in the following details.



Portal Name

The name must be displayed in the customer portal’s title bar.

Portal Logo

The logo of the customer portal.

Portal Favicon

The icon must be displayed in the title bar of the customer portal. 

Primary Color

From the drop-down, choose the preferred primary color from the color picker.

Font Family

From the drop-down, choose the font.

Footer Text

Enter the footer text to be displayed in the customer portal.

Select the “Save Settings” button to save the customer portal settings. 

b. Navigation Menu:

 The navigation menu helps add a side panel menu that needs to be displayed in the customer portal: 

1. From the “Navigation Menu” section, Click +Add Menu to choose the modules. 

2. To add the navigation menu, add the following details:



Menu Name (Mandatory)

The name of the menu is to be displayed.

Type (Mandatory)

From the drop-down, select the type. 

If you would like to redirect to an external link outside the customer portal, choose an option as "External."

Upload Icon (Mandatory)

Add the icon that needs to be displayed in the navigation menu.

Note:  The “View Attached Icon” option helps you check the uploaded icon.

Redirect To (Mandatory)

Enter the external URL link.

 Click the “Add” button to create the new menu. 

3. The new navigation menu has been successfully added.

Select the “Save Settings” option to save the changes.

4. Use the “Edit   option to modify the navigation menu.

    Use the “Delete   option to remove the navigation menu.

c. Advanced:

1. The advanced section helps customers to add custom CSS.

Once you add the code, select the Save Settingsbutton. 

2. Select the “Open Portal” option to launch the customer portal.

With customer portal settings, businesses can personalize their customer portal, including theme, font, and logo.

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