How can I log in to Zuper account in Zuper V3 Mobile App?

How can I log in to Zuper account in Zuper V3 Mobile App?

An App is an important thing majorly used by field executives and Managers. Our Zuper offers first-class App support to manage all your field services efficiently. 

1. After downloading Zuper - Field Service App, Enter the company name. 

2. Enter the "Email ID" and "Password."
Click "Login" button to enter Zuper App. 

3. Use any one of the options to authenticate. 

4. Select "SMS" as authentication option and click the "Send OTP" button. 
5. Enter the "OTP" received and click the "Verify" button. 

6. The login is successful. 

Note: Similarly, you can use email or authenticator App to login. 

8. Use "Backup Code" option to enter the backup codes that you have downloaded from Zuper Web App. 

Click the "Verify" button to login to Zuper. 

4. If you want to use, SSO (Single Sign On), select "Login with SSO" button. 

Enter the user name and password to login to authenticate using SSO option. 

Note: SSO Login is to enabled from Zuper Web. Contact your admin to enable this option. 


5. If you forgot the password, select the "Forgot Password" option. 

You need to provide your "Company Name" and "Email ID" to reset the password by click the "Send" button. 


To enable multi factor authentication from Web App - read here

Mobile App helps you start your clock in and clock out during work order service and the first step of login is successful. 

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